Get / Lost / Item

{a map-based explorationary venture}

¶√¶ Maps for exploring, wandering, detouring, and arriving at points of interest

∆¿∆ Physical maps AND space-age-digital infotainment about your location, customizable based on your preferences

•{• Audio stories and music from / about where you are. . .

Podcast / Audio Prototype

A prototype playlist for driving from San Francisco Bay --> Petaluma, Sonoma County, CA, USA, Earth.

This is a free "mixtape" podcast-radio-type-thing.

All respect to the producers. Links listed in track info.

Get it

Currently prototyping in Sonoma County and SF Bay Area.
Please inquire about being a test pilot and/or acquiring available maps.
Also looking for collaborators and producers.

hello @ get lost item . c o m